A Tree Stood

A tree stood
Resisting the wind
Never giving up
Never giving in

Branches bend
Leaves fall
But the tree stands
Never flinching at all

Years come
Years go
The tree remains
It continues to grow

Round about
More trees appear
A forest starts
Attracting deer

Upon the hill
The forest spread
A beatiful sight
So it is said

Autumn colours
Pure and bold
Deep red
Bright gold

In winter time
The tree is bare
A sprinkling of snow
Hides what’s there

When you venture
In your car
Lookout for that forest
It wont be far


Where did the time go

When we’re born
Things are slow
A time to listen
To those who know

As we grow up
We open our eyes
We start to walk
And break the ties

In our teens
The pace speeds up
We make preparations
For the adult jump

Twenties fly past
Before we know
Getting a family
And morgage in tow

In our thirties
No time to stop
So much to do
To get to the top

Forties come
Ever so fast
Time to slow down
Don’t want to go past

Fifties roll in
But things keep going
We accept it now
Looking all knowing

Sixty knocks
And we want to know
What happened in our lives
Where did the time go

Springtime In Scotland

Warm sunshine
Lights up the land
It’s time to begin
With paintbrush in hand

Yellow daffodils
Spring from the ground
Snowdrops and tulips
Colour all around

Green grass
So fresh and pure
It’s new growth
Springtime for sure

Trees awaken
With leaves on branches
That’s where Robins
Start their romances

A hectic time
For birds and bees
Making the next generation
To live in the trees

Sparrows and robins
Toads and rabbits
Captured in oil
With all their habits

Springtime in Scotland
A painter’s delight
So ready your brushes
And wait for the light

Silver Haired Ladies

Silver haired ladies
Travelling on a bus
Sitting together
Making no fuss

In rows of two
They sit together
Tidy and prim
Out for a blether

Facing forward
All as one
Almost like clones
Out for some fun

Each one unique
But similar too
From style of hair
To colour of shoe

Silver haired ladies
Never break a rule
But live their lives
To the full

A Lady From The Cloud

I met a lady
From the cloud
Very prim
Not very loud

In a cafe
Was where we met
Full of hope
Taking a bet

Our stories
That we told
Of our times
Of our gold

The different worlds
We did reveal
Would it work
How would it feel

Like ships
In the night
Similar headings
Are what’s right

Time rolled by
We passed once more
But not heading
For the same shore


A silent teardrop
Runs down a cheek
If only it had words
That it could speak

Fun and happiness
A tear of joy
A smiling baby
A silly boy

Sadness and loss
A tear of pain
A life gone past
Never see it again

Teardrops appear
For many reasons
From a bunch of flowers
To changing seasons

But most of all
Teardrops are there
For those special moments
To show you care