Rooftops And Skylines


Evening approaches
Shadows creep
Sunshine fades
Animals sleep

For a brief time
Shapes appear
Dark and foreboding
Sharp and clear

Touching the sky
A rooftop border
Across the horizon
Keeping order

When light is gone
All is black
Rooftops hidden
Until light is back


Fellow Countrymen


Fellow countrymen
It’s the time of year
For Christmas pudding
And a bottle of beer

Sounds good
But not everyone
Has the ability
For such fun

For us animals
We face cold
Both the young
And the old

You can help
Give us some food
There is plenty
You’ll feel good

So that’s my plea
Give us a thought
Help us over
The cold to the hot


Part inspiration
Part computation
Part desperation
Part perspiration

A splash of colour
A hint of sharpness
A hope of composition
A touch of darkness

Full of elation
Full of contradiction
Full of exhibition
Full of admiration

Some say challenging
Some say interesting
Some say nice
But some say amazing

Each image
Written by light
But to a photographer
It’s never right

For the true photographer
Whoever that is
Taking pictures
Is just the biz

Dear Santa

Dear Santa
Last year you forgot
I wanted a yacht
But that’s not what I got

A pink bear
And a tin of beer
Not what I asked for
Not even near

So Santa
Please do better
For this Christmas
Read my letter

A win win strategy
That’s the deal
You get me the pressy
And I say your real

And be kind to Rudolph
Pulling your sleigh
That’s a hell of a task
Considering what you weigh

Thank you Santa
For reading my letter
Last year wasn’t good
This year has got to be better

Feeling sad

Sometimes feeling sad
Isn’t all that bad

A connection to the past
To things that didn’t last

Moments that fleeted by
Memories that make me sigh

Planting trees very small
Now grown up big and tall

A house that became a home
But soon I’ll be on my own

A ring with a couple of rocks
Is now kept in a box

A small child full of life
Will soon have a wife

At times it can be sad
About the things I’m glad I had

An Expectant Grandmother

Glowing with joy
She sits and talks
About her children
Taking them walks

The simple times
Their silly ways
She remembers them all
How each one plays

But when a child
Is about to be born
Her eyes fill with love
For the child to adorn

From deep within
A primordial desire
To care for her children
A need no higher

To touch the baby
The growing one
Her pride and joy
Is so much fun

A life just beginning
She will play her part
An expectant grandmother
With all her heart