The fishermen

On a ship in the deep blue sea
Is where fishermen long to be

Amongst the waves raging high
Holding fast, watching the sky

Catching fish for the kitchen table
Lives at risk, that’s no fable

Long hours and through the night
Toiling hard, to do it right

Back at home their wives work hard
Hiding worry, always on guard

Homeward bound when the fishing’s done
The fastest part, the home run


Birthdays are fun and that’s the truth

Birthdays come and birthdays go
Full of happiness and lots of show

I have so many with some to spare
To share I said to those who care

But none wanted my offer of joy
Suspecting it was just a ploy

Enough they had or so they said
No!!! said one then she fled

I don’t understand this modern youth
Birthdays are fun and that’s the truth

So fill your life with birthdays of fun
If you are short I’ll give you some

He’s safe to live another day

I met a friend at the foot of the stair
I’m sure that he wished he wasn’t there

He was trying to hide from the light
Being caught out by the receding night

I am not the kind to end the fun
So I decided to help this stranded one

So I got my tumbler in my hand
And card beneath so he could stand

In he went without a fight
Then to the garden out of sight

My good deed’s done so I can say
He’s safe to live another day

Let compassion soothe your wounds

A world full of people with hearts full of woe
Doing everything just to keep on the go

Forgive your heart for believing untruth
For it was learned in your youth

You are special in all you are
Believe in your self and you will go far

So if life leads you to the glooms
Let compassion soothe your wounds

A lady of mystery

A lady of mystery
Had an interesting history

She used several ploys
To control the boys

With eyes of blue
She knew what to do

A wiggle of her rear
Drew the boys near

An actress her desire
Something to aspire

A damsel in distress
But, without a dress

Her ratings were high
When she slapped her thigh

Today she’s a film star
Who’s come quite far

If you want to know her name
Since she came to fame

That can only be revealed
If you keep your lips sealed

So send me some money
And I will spill the honey

High up on a horse’s back

High up on a horse’s back
Were young girls wearing tartan and black

Balancing upon each other
Holding tight, staying together

Leading the horse was an older lady
Being careful, not too shaky

Up they went in front of the crowd
Which was being encouraged to cheer out loud

I took my pictures of the show
Then, I had to turn and go

When I got home I processed my shots
So I hope you liked them, lots

Only ghost stories

A new bridge appeared
To prevent what everyone feared

The old bridge now deserted
Looks unused and rejected

In history there is a page
For the old bridge in its age

Over it went cars, buses and lorries
But now that’s only ghost stories

Needing a lick of paint and some welding
Fixing the breaks, straightening the bending

Tidied up and raring to go
The old bridge still has lots to show