Winter strips away the leaves

Winter strips away the leaves
Revealing the structure of trees

Animals take shelter under cover
Where black and white replaces colour

Darkness creeps up on the light
Staying warm a continual fight

But beauty has many faces
In cold and bleak winter places

The stillness of the cold season
To life it’s just an annual treason


I’ll find my place with suitable kudos

Christmas approaching and another year closing
Darkness upon us with autumn colours glowing

Memories of past years flash in my mind
Planning and preparations of a festive kind

Presents and parties with family gathering
Days in the highlands peacefully relaxing

But those days are gone only ghosts in my head
So much in the past and so many dead

New shoots appearing up from the ground
A new life dawning with happiness to be found

The balance of life is tilting back
Something special is on my track

Awakening from the past into a world of chaos
I’ll find my place with suitable kudos

What it will bring I haven’t a clue

When someone becomes part of you
It’s no longer one but two

A house becomes a home
Because your no longer alone

When together holding hands
You look to the future for new plans

Before long there are three
Yes that’s a babbling baby

The family you’ve always wanted
But you do feel awfully daunted

The years roll on and life spins by
Memories of the past make you sigh

Then three became two
There was nothing you could do

A lost half that never heals
It’s hard to describe how it feels

But slowly the pain begins to wane
And life becomes less of a strain

A new future to embrace as two
What it will bring I haven’t a clue

Just another Autumn day

A summer full of green
Patches of colour in between

Ends in the crescendo of Autumn death
When leaves take their last breath

Intense red, dark brown
Like some fancy floral clown

Waves of yellow and faded green
Perhaps an ocean you’ve never seen

Paths of yellow and golden leafs
Just Autumns ephemeral reefs

Overwhelming beauty in every way
Just another Autumn day