Life is complicated

Reality is just a perception
Truth is merely a view
Power is an illusion
Time is only change

Perception is real
View evokes truth
Illusion is absolute power
Change takes time


Bloody Scotland

Bloody Scotland
I kid you not
A dangerous thing
If your a Scot

Dead bodies
Lying all around
But never a clue
To be found

It happens
Just once a year
The only time
You need fear

With hooks in books
Upon the table
Full of ideas
A murderer’s staple

Where story spinners
Weave a plot
About hiding guns
In a pot

So be warned
Don’t fall asleep
Or a ghostwriter
Will upon you creep

A tram man

A tram man
That’s what I am

I hold my bus pass in my hand
Like a key to the promised land

Waiting at my special spot
For how long I care not

Eye transfixed for the approaching tram
I try to stay cool, collected and calm

Then like an apparition of Aphrodite
A tram appears looking mighty

As it approaches my chosen location
My heart beats faster in anticipation

Then it stops in front of me
I feel like jumping in ecstasy

The door opens and I go inside
My chest swollen with extra pride

I take my seat at the front of the tram
The happiest tram man that’s what I am


As the years go by
On life’s rollercoaster
You acquire lots of things
Including a toaster

Cupboards bulge
With essential stuff
Just in case
The world goes duff

So open your cupboards
And peer inside
See what’s there
Then decide

A million cables
A broken clock
Or my favourite
A single sock

Hold back the tears
It’s got to go
Put on a smile
Make it so

When it’s gone
You can start again
Out to the shops
Without refrain

I miss you so

I’ll never forget
The day we met

You ventured out
When John was about

Dumped with some boys
For his girlfriend’s ploys

Shy and lost for words
You became one of the birds

Then Zorro dressed in black
Took lead of the wolf pack

But a quiet boy came to the rescue
Took you off Zorro’s menu

Would you like to dance
Was the start of the romance

Just like long lost friends
We were two bookends

That was a long time ago
And, Susan, I miss you so

Before you go

Well done
You’ve reached that age
Got your bus pass
You’re a Sage

Cost of living
I can tell you
Dwindling pension
Feeling the screw

Coffee and cake
Sorting out life
The world news
Trouble and strife

Hospital visits
I’ll have a few
Fills in the time
Something to do

That’s my schedule
A skelatol tome
Barely a day
Not at home

And there’s resting
Becoming an art
Closing eyes
Playing the part

Holidays a must
Planning ahead
Ignore the beach
Check the bed

Retirement life
There lots to know
Lots to do
Before you go