A Real Man

A real man
Has no fears
A real man
Sheds no tears

A real man
Is brave and strong
A real man
Is never wrong

A real man
Ignores his feelings
A real man
Takes his beatings

A real man
Is very proud
A real man
Is always loud

The mythical man
That culture dictates
Is revealed
When with his mates

In the pub
They huddle together
Sharing a drink
Needing a blether

It’s a place
To take off armour
Open up
It’s a safe harbour

Talking of fears
In their lives
Troubled times
With their wives

Uncertain futures
Make them worry
They have no answers
To life’s story

A real man
Is just a mask
Required by culture
For the social masque

But behind the mask
Is just a man
Taking on life
Doing the best he can



Motionless clouds
Held in place
Pierced by mountains
Against their face

Darkness calls
At its usual time
A crystal silence
Will all be fine

A bear growls
An eerie note
Catching the attention
Of a wandering goat

The scene is set
Night time’s looming
In animal faces
The look of brooding

The Artist

Summer sun shines
Flowers proliferate
Insects buzz
People pontificate

A golden beach
A place of joy
For a dog
And it’s toy

The little child
Tottering along
Touches the world
While singing a song

An artist sits
To take in the view
It takes some time
To know what to do

The magic begins
With the swirl of a brush
Capturing the essence
Without any rush

Light strokes first
To find the light
Bold stokes follow
When it is right

Add some colour
In the spaces
Give life
To the faces

After some time
The painting is done
A moment in time
People having fun

The artist sits
As the sun goes down
Another day over
Now it’s back to town

The Brush Of Time

Silverknowes tonight

The brush of time
Paints a scene
Sky and land
With sun between

Amongst the clouds
Wanders lost spirits
Searching for answers
Forgotten hermits

On the ground
Between the rocks
Life’ s energy sparks
Evolutionary clocks

A golden blend
Of air and sand
Joins the sky
To the land

A place of peace
Hidden from sight
Until the brush
Adds the light

Now you know

At times
In your life
You’ll have troubles
And strife

You look around
Searching for answers
Sorting out
What really matters

But is there
An oasis
Full of soothing
And embraces

A place
To ease the pain
A place
You want to remain

Then look
Inside your heart
That’s the place
To start

Is it weak
And looking unhappy
Then it’s time
To make it snappy

Build it up
With lots of love
Make it smile
Give gloom a shove

With a happy heart
Your life will renew
Now you know
Just what to do


To some
Is being
Number one

Top of the class
The academic way
To always pass
And have your say

A marvellous chef
A cut above the rest
Satisfying hunger
Using only the best

An interesting person
Full of knowledge
Having answers to questions
With no shortage

A spiritual leader
An enlightened way
With ritual singing
To end the day

Wealth and distinction
Power and glory
A combination
Of a great life story

But for me
It’s was sharing my life
My wife