The beauty of the world

The beauty of the world
Is yours to behold
So enjoy it now
And never grow old

The light on a flower
Gentle and loving
Nurtures its life
With colour blushing

The creatures that hide
In the deep blue sea
Incredible life
A wonder so see

Amongst the stars
In that heavenly place
Live planets
Of an infinite space

Open your heart
And you will see
Where you are
Is the place to be


Man Kind

From every corner
Gathering in a pub
To share their thoughts
And also some grub

Stories of life
Past and present
The good with the bad
And the not so pleasant

Each one an island
With customs and borders
Where trade is free
Between the orders

Talking with pride
Of life and home
Or times in the cave
Where they’re alone

Some with cash
Boast of the deals
For a portable cave
That runs on wheels

They inform one another
About their lives
How to fix things
And manage their wives

When the pints are drunk
And all has been said
It’s time to go
Off home to bed