Another birthday

Another birthday
You never had

It’s times like this
That makes me sad

Happy together
In every way

Then torn apart
One April day

Your short time here
So full of joy

Will carry on
Through our boy


Just another Autumn day

A summer full of green
Patches of colour in between

Ends in the crescendo of Autumn death
When leaves take their last breath

Intense red, dark brown
Like some fancy floral clown

Waves of yellow and faded green
Perhaps an ocean you’ve never seen

Paths of yellow and golden leafs
Just Autumns ephemeral reefs

Overwhelming beauty in every way
Just another Autumn day

A man and his dog glowing with pride

I’m a running jumping ball of fun
A happy loving furry one

I may be a poodle but I’m a boy
So don’t treat me like some girly toy

You throw the ball as far as you can
I fetch it back to the feet of my man

A man and his dog together as one
Like the age old story of father and son

Side by side and stride by stride
A man and his dog glowing with pride

Doing whatever takes their please

Watching birds flying high
Fast and straight across the sky

Where have they been
What have they seen

From above the fields between the farms
Over the hills across the tarns

A view of the world all around
Watching changes on the ground

Endlessly drifting in the breeze
Doing whatever takes their please