A Photographer’s Day

Crows caw
Amonst seagull cries
It’s my morning call
It’s time to rise

Play a game
Of beat the shower
You’ve got to be good
You’ve only an hour

Then sausage on a roll
And a cup of tea
That’s when my eyes
Open to see

Prepare my gear
For the day
Cameras and snacks
And money to pay

Off we go
Into the hills
Looking for adventure
Thrills and spills

A loch like a mirror
A mountain in snow
A bridge like a banana
We never know

Stopping when possible
To get our shots
But only picking
The best spots

After a while
Our stomachs rebel
It’s time for lunch
And stories to tell

Our journey continues
Until the light is dimmer
Then time to head back
To prepare for dinner

While enjoying our food
Discussions and banter
From world events
To our next dander

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