Being Human

We’re just human
When all be told
We live our lives
And grow old

But is there meaning
In what we do
A purpose
For me and you

Are we a cog
That keeps turning
Or a hamster
That keeps running

A hand of a clock
That ticks time away
Or a heart of child
That wants to play

Many a mind
Has found a reason
Each one different
Depends on the season

But just suppose
That none exists
You’re here now
As life untwists

It’s up to you
To take command
To steer your ship
To that promised land

There is no manual
No instruction guide
Roll up your sleeves
And live with pride

Disasters will come
That’s part of life
The good times followed
By the strife

So accept yourself
As who you are
Then happiness and joy
Wont be far

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