A Real Man

A real man
Has no fears
A real man
Sheds no tears

A real man
Is brave and strong
A real man
Is never wrong

A real man
Ignores his feelings
A real man
Takes his beatings

A real man
Is very proud
A real man
Is always loud

The mythical man
That culture dictates
Is revealed
When with his mates

In the pub
They huddle together
Sharing a drink
Needing a blether

It’s a place
To take off armour
Open up
It’s a safe harbour

Talking of fears
In their lives
Troubled times
With their wives

Uncertain futures
Make them worry
They have no answers
To life’s story

A real man
Is just a mask
Required by culture
For the social masque

But behind the mask
Is just a man
Taking on life
Doing the best he can

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