Waiting patiently
On a bus
Looking eagerly
But not in a rush

Take out my phone
Look at my app
It’s almost here
No need to flap

All of a sudden
A bus comes in view
Hope it’s mine
I know it’s due

Check the number
It’s the one
Queue gets ready
This is fun

The bus stops
In front of me
I’m on first
Full of glee

Use my pass
Wait on bleep
Now its time
To find a seat

Head to the back
Sit down
Now we’re heading
Into town

Watching people
Join and leave
Through the traffic
The bus does weave

My stop next
The button’s pressed
Bus slows down
I’m impressed

Say goodbye
To our driver
Leave the bus
Now an outsider

Edinburgh busses
Like the tram
Avoid the stresses
Of the traffic jam

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