When a tear

When a tear
Has enough pain for a year

To cry
Is almost to die

Our dreams
Become tattered schemes

Our needs
Just dark deeds

Oh why is life
So full of trouble and strife

Is it fun
For some god like one

Mindless and cruel
That’s seems to be the golden rule


Where do I start?

Her loving eyes, her gentle touch.
Oh how I loved her far too much.

Her invisible presence my only vision.
There’s no escaping my emotional prison.

And the world shouts from every corner.
Now she’s gone your just a loner.

How can it be we were once, we.
But now, it’s only me.

How to mend a broken heart.
What do I do, where do I start?

My Escape

Black and purple mountains
Surround the valley below

A green and turquoise loch
That’s the place to go

Above a green lush land
Is a blue and silver sky

Amongst the clouds
That’s where eagles fly

The golden sun
Turns blue to yellow

On the ground
Making colours mellow

In this place
Life slows down

It’s my escape
From my nearby town

Nonsense is so much fun

A tree with nobbled roots
Doesn’t care two hoots

A mountain with a flat peak
Doesn’t play hide and seek

A river that doesn’t flow
Will show you where to go

A rotten apple on the ground
Plays the bagpipes until it’s found

A blue sky above the grey
Doesn’t have much to say

Nonsense is so much fun
I think I need another bun

Christine Bovill’s Edith Piaf

Went to a show
With someone I know

To hear a singer
A vocal ringer

Christine Bovill was her name
Edith Piaf was her flame

In French she did impart
Emotional songs from her heart

With such power and feeling
She left the audience reeling

An amazing performance inspired by a ghost
From someone who loved her more than most

A lady who came over to talk

Stopped while out for a walk
By a lady who came over to talk

She was old and wore formal dress
Next to her I looked like a mess

She said this bad weather was our own fault
And it was up to us to make it halt

She had tried but they did not pay attention
They were following an opposite direction

Then a plane appeared in the sky
She pointed and said why

Planes seemed to follow her around
She worried they’d drop something on the ground

Then she said goodbye
And left with a puzzled look in her eye