Our Sojourn On Earth

Tentsmuir Beach

We strive for life in meticulous ways
The plan we follow, one which pays

Set an objective that makes us right
Keeps us busy, continues the fight

But where are we going, our sojourn on Earth
The planet creaking with immanent death

Approaching evolutions unavoidable goal
Open your eyes and save your soul

It’s time to change that human right
Restore mankind’s home from blight

Everyone must take a stand
Before it’s too late to save our land


Searching For A Dream

Dreams exist
In clouds of mist

To be bright
And always right

To explore the land
To be in demand

To find the one
That makes life fun

There’s a dream for all
In the universal hall

But how to unite
A dream with sight

Some take
An online stake

Others walk
With plenty of talk

It’s all about
Putting yourself out

So, for my potential mate
I offer me, on a plate

Looking to the future

My times gone past
And I’m free at last

The last few years
Have seen many tears

A transition they said
Life lived in my head

But what is to come
A life made for one

A new haircut
To brake the rut

Or new clothes
So everyone knows

With a house full of ghosts
And a PC full of posts

What next for me
Now that I am free

I have no clue
To what I’ll do

So I’ll trust in the universe
To find my next verse