Holiday Photos

Holiday photos
Pictures of the past
A long time ago
Memories that last

Images of people
Some now gone
Framed forever
Digitally drawn

Stories of life
Fading away
That happy time
That happy day

For lost souls
Proof of existence
Holidays snaps
The only persistence

Time never stops
For the fortunate some
So capture today
For memories to come


Once, I was a baby in my mothers arms.
Snuggled, warm, and safe from harms

Once, I was a toddler testing everything
Give it a shake, give it a fling

Once, I was a child with a glint in my eye
Dreaming about flying high in the sky

Once, I was a teenager having a ball
Kicking over the traces and looking tall

Once, I was a man taking life in my stride
Looking to the future with my lovely new bride

Once, I was middle aged and reviewing my life
A son, a home, and a wonderful wife

Now, I am retired and slowing the pace
Reminiscing, on life’s great race

The Wanderer

Over great seas
In all weathers
Goes a wanderer
Covered in feathers

In darkness
In light
Never stopping
Endless flight

On the surface
Or diving deep
Snatching food
To earn his keep

Long journeys
Flying high
Watching the world
From the sky

An Albatross
Wanders for miles
A happy bird
But never smiles