Someone’s missing


There’s a hole in my heart
Where you used to be
Those golden years
We never did see

No tears enough
To soothe my pain
A loss so great
No together again

Echoes of silence
Fills our home
A place for a family
But I’m all alone

Our boy’s a man
Taking life in his stride
But you’re not here
To glow with pride

Our lovely garden
Now overgrown
Waits on the gardener
Who’ll never come home

Dreams turned to dust
In the blink of an eye
We asked for a reason
But got no reply

Like a summer’s day
Without the sun
It’s my life now
Without your fun

To Susan.
So deeply missed.


2 thoughts on “Someone’s missing”

  1. A beautiful image and a beautiful poem. Had lunch earlier today with my cousin, who was widowed less than a year ago and his daughter, so your verse was particularly appropriate.

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