Cancer came
In to my life
Broke my heart
Took my wife

There is no cure
For what I’ve lost
No pill can sooth
That human cost

No lips to kiss
No hand to hold
No one to share
My growing old

Facing the future
Accepting the past
Counting my breaths
Until my last

A Tear

Like a tear
Dropped in a pond
We create a ripple
And then we’re gone

Life is ephemeral
For every one
A heartbeat away
In life’s short run

Day by day
Year by year
As time passes by
The end gets near

When that day comes
Will I be sad
Or on looking back
Will I be glad

The Key

We all have a key
Each one unique
To open our heart
And let it speak

And talk it does
To all who care
With open hearts
They also share

So take your key
And throw it away
Let your heart
Be open today

Trust in others
And you will see
A much better world
For people to be

Contemporary Art

Art is subjective
Or so they say
Depends on your taste
Depends on your pay

Who is the artist
What’s so new
Is that a bed
Is that a queue

It’s where a Picasso
Isn’t a car
And pop art
Isn’t a star

Challenging the old
It’s the contemporary way
An artist creates
But is it child’s play

So what is art
What’s it about
A dream world
Or a bank account