The Sunrise Shot


Some pictures tell a story and this is the story of this picture. It all started the evening before. After a few beers, wine, the flashing of high tech wizardry and the talk of multiple places someone says ‘that’s agreed then’. Everyone smiles in agreement but not everyone actually knows what has been agreed. An early car park meeting time is announced. It is then that the body realises it’s going to get up early and it starts to groan. The fear of missing the time causes some photographers to wake frequently during the night making them more tired than when they went to bed.
When the alarm does eventually go off and with only one eye willing to open they put on clothes hoping they are not the pyjamas they just took off. Grabbing their camera stuff they fall out through the door and look for any others on route. Eventually they huddle round the cars like penguins preparing for the some great march then disappear inside. The leader takes out their latest high tech gismo which resolutely refuses to work. Panic sets in and it is unceremoniously dumped. The photographer in the passenger seat is now given the task of navigating to some place they have never been to and in the dark with one eye still refusing to open.
The leader sensing that time is passing puts the foot down and hurtles off dropping a paper map in the lap of the navigator. “It’s over to the bottom right I think!” says the leader vaguely pointing in the direction of the door mirror. The other cars fall into line and, as if attracted by some big magnet, they become attached to the car in front as the convoy speeds along the narrow roads.
The navigator turns white partly due to the driving and partly due to not having a clue what to do. Suddenly someone shouts “look it’s getting brighter over there” causing the leader to increase pressure on the car accelerator in proportion to the brightness. The navigator begins pointing in the direction of the sun hoping that if they head towards it they must end up at the sunrise point. The convoy veers left and up the farm lane pointed to by the navigator then suddenly all stops as the road ends. The navigator is still pointing in the direction of the sun when the driver says “Well done! This is it!” All hell breaks out as doors open and photographers rush out to the back of the cars to get their equipment like firemen arriving at a fire.
With the navigator still sitting in the passenger seat in absolute shock but with the kudos of having performed a miracle, the photographers queue in order of the bags in the boot. Some photographers have every gadget so getting their stuff can seem like hours. Eventually they have everything and start heading towards the sunrise worrying if they had checked the camera battery and whether the wind may spoil their hairdo. Finally arriving at the photo spot in the picture you see the photographers praying that it was all worth it.

Entry for The Daily Post Daily Prompt Luck


8 thoughts on “The Sunrise Shot”

  1. Beautiful. We thought along the same lines for this prompt today but my cellphone picture isn’t nearly as gorgeous as this. 🙂

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