The Road Taken


“Quiet! Do you want to wake them up?”

“No! I’m sorry I just slipped.”

“Okay, now push gently.”

I bent over and positioned myself to push again. There was no moon and it was almost impossible to see where to put my feet or even place my hands. I moved my hands until I felt something and stretched my legs to the right until I could move no more.

“One, two, three, push!”

I pushed and slowly the handcar moved.

“Okay, keep pushing”

The trolley rumbled as it moved along. I repositioned my self and pushed again. Suddenly there was a loud bang and the trolley stopped.


“What was that? What happened”

“Don’t know. Just get down so they don’t see you”

I crouched down as low as I could. A light appeared on the castle wall. It swung back and forth but it was far to small to light up anything. Eventually the light disappeared.

“Okay, lets see what happened”

I felt along the side of the car. Just in front of the wheel was a bolder.

“It’s only a bolder”

I grabbed it and pulled it away from the wheel.

“Okay, lets push again. One, two, three, push!”

The handcar rumbled on towards the castle. We pushed and kept it going until we were just below where the light had been.

“Right! Light the fuse and lets get out of here!”


I lit the fuse and we ran as fast as we could. I fell several times as it was too dark to see where I was placing my feet. We reached the point at where we had started and stopped running.

“It won’t be long now.”

Just then there was an almighty bang. The sky was lit up with multiple colours. Then another, and another. The light appeared at the window again just in time to see more fireworks lighting up the sky.

“I hope they heed the message. Next time it won’t be so pretty”

I watched as the light disappeared from the window. My heart felt heavy about what we had just done. I was not sure where the road we had just taken would lead.

Entry for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge : The Road Taken


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