I stopped walking and turned, focusing on where the voice seemed to come from. Half ready to run I stared into the dark corner.


Barely visible was a face with eyes looking directly at me. A hand hung in mid air palm up. Covered in dirt it can’t have seen water for days. Curiously is was smooth like that of an office worker but that must have been a long time ago if at all. I decided it was safer just to ignore whoever was hiding in the corner and make a safe getaway.

“Parlay!” growled the man.

“No! I don’t know what you want. I’m going to go now. Bye!”

There was a noise from the darkness. Some stones rolled out from the dark. I looked down at them as fear rose in me and I began to walk backwards away while watching the man.

The man emerged from the darkness. My heart rate dropped. It was the bookmaker I had placed a bet with earlier that day.

“Do you want to Parlay or not?” said the man.

“Yes, sorry, I did not recognise you.”

The man looked at me with disgust and I was embarrassed but relieved.

Entry for The Daily Post Daily Prompt Parlay


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