The Medic


Sun warms a busy street
Where birds sing out from hidden branches
People meander in every direction
And cars flow like sticky jam

A lone man lies in a darkened corner
Wrapped in a cardboard cloak
His eyes see a different world
Side-lined on a parallel track

One decision, not his
Unable to plead, convicted
Sentenced to prison with invisible walls
He looks forlornly at passers-by

A woman walks by and stops
Crouches down, begins to talk
Hope shines in the man’s eyes
She helps him up

His precious possessions
Gathered in a bag
His cloak of invisibility
Cast aside

Like a medic in a war
On the battlefield of life
Saving lives from an empty death
A savour to us all

Entry for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge : Against the Odds


5 thoughts on “The Medic”

  1. 1. Excellent human picture
    2. Excellent human poetry
    These are well worth at least two looks/reads to appreciate the full effectiveness!

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