To Jiggle Or Not!


Today I want to talk about something that I think is essential to have a fulfilled life. I have lived for many years, dealing with ups and downs avoiding curved balls and leaps of faith into the unknown.

There a millions of books written by people far more qualified than me to sell their own solutions to finding happiness but none answers the burning question coming from deep within me. To jiggle or not to jiggle?

I have read many articles from eminent doctors and even tabloid newspapers. Science has it’s own variety of possibilities but none of which is right for me. I have wondered if I will ever find a solution.

I have discussed it with my partner. At first she was a bit surprised I was even talking about it but then she said that I shouldn’t worry about that kind of thing. She said everybody did it differently and there was no right way.

I always listen to my partner’s advice and have refrained from jiggling for the past week. The problem now is that the sugar does not dissolve as well and stays at the bottom of the cup!

Entry for The Daily Post Daily Prompt Jiggle

The Medic


Sun warms a busy street
Where birds sing out from hidden branches
People meander in every direction
And cars flow like sticky jam

A lone man lies in a darkened corner
Wrapped in a cardboard cloak
His eyes see a different world
Side-lined on a parallel track

One decision, not his
Unable to plead, convicted
Sentenced to prison with invisible walls
He looks forlornly at passers-by

A woman walks by and stops
Crouches down, begins to talk
Hope shines in the man’s eyes
She helps him up

His precious possessions
Gathered in a bag
His cloak of invisibility
Cast aside

Like a medic in a war
On the battlefield of life
Saving lives from an empty death
A savour to us all

Entry for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge : Against the Odds

Alexithymia Awakening

Alexithymia Awakening

Alexithymia is the inability to recognize emotions and their subtleties and textures. People who are affected have no story to tell. Unable to find the words necessary to describe their feelings they have no emotional memories to talk about. Sometimes it is caused by the brains reaction to trauma. For some the broken connections in the brain can heal and awaken the emotional system that has been numbed.

Entry for The Daily Post Discover Challenge : Speak Out