Cool Evening Air At Sanna Beach


Cool Evening Air At Sanna Beach

Last year I visited the beach at Sanna on the west coast of Scotland. The area is very beautiful and full of creative inspiration and I highly recommend it. When I go to places like this I have two cameras. One is a DSLR which I use to capture as much as I can of the actual beauty. My second camera is my ‘Imagineering’ eye. I have no idea what it sees until I get back and process the pictures from the camera. Even then it can be days, months or even years later but when I look at what it sees I am more than pleased!

Unpredictable World

River Tummel

Drove to Pitlochry where the sun was shining hoping to catch frost on the trees and only found low water in the River Tummel. I took very few pictures as the scenery was not what I was looking for but this view caught my eye. On returning home and processing the image I was delighted to see the blend of colours and texture. The plants are still dormant but even so they can be extraordinary beautiful.