Autumn Approaches

Soon be time
To lose your leaves
Become bare branched
Autumn trees

Dancing in the wind
To an ancient tune
Another winter
Is coming soon

Rejoice in change
Have some fun
Let your colours
Mingle and run

Golden brown
And deep red
Autumn colours
Just seem to spread

So take your time
Please don’t rush
Give us time
To enjoy the flush



One day
I’ll forget
The things
I regret

Past events
That could have been
But didn’t turn out
The way I’d seen

Hopes and dreams
I’ve had them all
Some were big
Some were small

Unanswered prayers
I’ve had a few
It’s too late now
They’re overdue

Looking back
Makes no difference
That cannot change
My present existence

Doesn’t live in the past
It needs a heart
Beating fast

But letting go
And moving on
Requires waiting
Until the pain is gone

The joy we shared
Those times together
I’ll have forever

Grief and love
Both share my heart
Grief will go
But love will never part

The call of the brush and the palette

Many years ago
My creativeness
Used software
To impress

But then
I saw the light
Felt so right

Using Photoshop
And imagination
I beat reality
By subjugation

Blending this
And that
Creating artwork
Out of a hat

Then one day
I touched a brush
It gave tingles
Made me blush

I was captured
In a frame
Never to be
The same again

Oil or acrilic
Painting my view
Stroked or dabbed
I knew what to do

Brush and palette
Is my calling
Painting my world
So enthralling


Look into a mirror
What do I see
Another person looking
But is that me

Grey hair appearing
Over my ears
Wrinkled lines
Count the years

Once smooth
And silky skin
Now a dry and porous
Tired old grin

Ageing happens
In different ways
Slowly creeps up
Over the days

But I know
That underneath
I’m still young
And have my teeth

Being Human

We’re just human
When all be told
We live our lives
And grow old

But is there meaning
In what we do
A purpose
For me and you

Are we a cog
That keeps turning
Or a hamster
That keeps running

A hand of a clock
That ticks time away
Or a heart of child
That wants to play

Many a mind
Has found a reason
Each one different
Depends on the season

But just suppose
That none exists
You’re here now
As life untwists

It’s up to you
To take command
To steer your ship
To that promised land

There is no manual
No instruction guide
Roll up your sleeves
And live with pride

Disasters will come
That’s part of life
The good times followed
By the strife

So accept yourself
As who you are
Then happiness and joy
Wont be far

Sales Assistant

It’s behind a desk
You’ll find me
Watching life
Drinking tea

Art of every kind
Adorns the walls
It’s nailed well
Never falls

I have a view
Of people passing
Some come in
Artwork browsing

Others come
Just to talk
A cup of coffee
Before a walk

Sometimes someone
Buys a picture
I help them pick
My only adventure

But mostly
I just sit
Dreaming of things
I could knit