My one true voice

In my left eye
Tears for my life
In my right
Tears for my wife

Why live
In such endless pain
What’s tomorrow
More of the same

With a past
Full of trauma
It’s no soap
No melodrama

But what to do
What to think
Time moves on
In my boundless clink

People say
Life’s not bad
I really needn’t
Feel so sad

Perhaps they know
Another world
One where fun
Is actually curled

For me
There is no choice
But to find
My one true voice

Holiday Photos

Holiday photos
Pictures of the past
A long time ago
Memories that last

Images of people
Some now gone
Framed forever
Digitally drawn

Stories of life
Fading away
That happy time
That happy day

For lost souls
Proof of existence
Holidays snaps
The only persistence

Time never stops
For the fortunate some
So capture today
For memories to come