As one
Not two
Not like the sum

Together connected
Me and my wife
A wonderful woman
She was my life

Together we shared
Events in our lives
With love so deep
Was in our eyes

Together beating
With invisible thread
That was our hearts
From the day we were wed

Together we are
Even today
But she has gone
Very far away


A Bundle Of Joy

A spark of magic
A bundle of joy
That is my son
That is my boy

Sharing my world
Learning about life
Finding his way
Finding a wife

A few years ago
He was half my height
Now he’s grown
He’s quite a sight

Born in hospital
I remember it well
The long wait
And the big yell

An outstanding hairstyle
Just like mine
He’s tried to change it
But I think it’s fine

But what of the future
What is to come
We’ll face it together
And have some fun



A trip to Cramond
At this time of year
So full of colour
Fills me with cheer

When darkness steals
So much of the day
And the dreich weather
Is here to stay

With footpaths covered
In orange and gold
And the yellow leaves
Glow so bold

Walls in shade
Covered in moss
With dampness
Looking like gloss

The yellow leaves
On a silver birch tree
Under a blue sky
Fills me with glee

Red berries
On bushes of bright green
A wonder
That can only be seen

Trees clothed
In autumnal colours
Each year
Different from the others


Rain hits my window
In the dead of night
An owl hoots
Hidden from the light

A russling sound
Coming from the trees
That’s where cats lurk
Hunting with ease

Footsteps echo
All around
But where is the one
Making the sound

A faulty alarm
Hesitates quite near
It’s a strange time of year

A Photographer’s Day

Crows caw
Amonst seagull cries
It’s my morning call
It’s time to rise

Play a game
Of beat the shower
You’ve got to be good
You’ve only an hour

Then sausage on a roll
And a cup of tea
That’s when my eyes
Open to see

Prepare my gear
For the day
Cameras and snacks
And money to pay

Off we go
Into the hills
Looking for adventure
Thrills and spills

A loch like a mirror
A mountain in snow
A bridge like a banana
We never know

Stopping when possible
To get our shots
But only picking
The best spots

After a while
Our stomachs rebel
It’s time for lunch
And stories to tell

Our journey continues
Until the light is dimmer
Then time to head back
To prepare for dinner

While enjoying our food
Discussions and banter
From world events
To our next dander


Our trip
For today
Is Achiltibuie
For the day

In a blue sky
Beautiful hills
With snow on high

Without a breeze
Containing reflections
Of nearby trees

Imaged in the water
Of nature’s order

Rolling onto a beach
Slowly increasing
Their furthest reach

So lucky
To be near
The Incredible beauty
That is here