A Sparrowhawk Came Visiting

A sparrowhawk
Came visiting today
But I’m sure
It took something away

Beautiful orange brown chest
With blue grey back
It stood in my garden
Having a snack

Not sure what it had
Pinned to the ground
But it was small
And not making a sound

I reached for my camera
But it was gone
The bird had flown
Time to move on

That Place

There’s a place
Where everyone goes
But where it is
Nobody knows

Do we meet
Long lost friends
Tying up
Those dangling ends

Some say yes
Some say no
We wont find out
Until we go

For the rich
Who lived well
Is it heaven
Or is it hell

Does belief
Make a difference
Just in case
State your preference

How to get there
Some choose dust
Others choose a box
That doesn’t rust

Ornate structures
Mark the spot
In a graveyard
That’s their plot

The time will come
For those who scoff
Their clock will stop
And they’ll be off

An Eagle

An eagle soared
In evening skies
Big brown wings
And golden eyes

Watching for movement
In lands below
While the sun turns
To amber glow

A hungry bird
Searching for prey
Nothing seen
For many a day

Starving chicks
Wait in the nest
Needing food
And a rest

Many an hour
Goes flying past
Covering miles
So very fast

A hare moves
Revealing it’s place
Caught in the eye
Beginning the chase

Swooping down
A plummeting stone
The eagle attacks
The hare alone

The hare runs
As fast as the wind
Fearing it’s end
To be skinned

Getting faster
In the dive
The eagle feels
So alive

Open claws
Ready to snatch
The hare dives
Avoiding the catch

The battle lost
The eagle climbs
The hare lives
For other times

Chinese Laterns @ St. Giles

Chinese lanterns
In St. Giles
Gave the sketchers
Lots of smiles

Pillars and posts
Graves and chairs
Organ and pulpit
Even some stairs

Passing a notice
At the door
Someone asked
Should we ignore

On the air
Came a heavenly tone
Or was it just
A sketchers phone

Paints and pencils
Pens and Ink
The sketch was done
In just a blink

Story Telling Centre
For some lunch
The show and tell
A gregarious bunch

The Lovely Karina

The lovely Karina
Waits with great hope
That someone will come
To undo the rope

Dreaming of a time
When out on the loch
Surrounded by trees
Passing a rock

Under a deep blue sky
In rays from the sun
Through turquoise water
Having so much fun

Alone in her shed
She waits on her crew
When they arrive
She knows what to do

If you pass by
Some hot summer day
Please take her out
So she can play

Make it so

Wondering through life
Learning lots of things
How a frog leaps
How a bird sings

Each day has something different
For us to find out why
How a crocodile crawls
How do eagles fly

Stop what your doing
Look all around
From the clouds in the sky
To the worms in the ground

What is it you see
What makes your heart race
Is it a beautiful beach
Or a baby’s face

The world is full of wonder
For us to explore
From the top of a mountain
To the deep ocean floor

Learn from Captain Kirk
He has places to go
Aboard the Enterprise
Just make it so