Wild Camping

Wild camping
That’s the thing
Where the midges bite
And the nettles sting

Lighting fires
In the rain
Cursing and swearing
Never again

Cold nights
And the dark
Counting the hours
Till we head back

Howling winds
Hitting our tent
Hope the tent pole
Doesn’t get bent

The toilet block
It’s an expedition
At nighttime
It’s perdition

Outdoor meals
The real thing
Mud and insects
Added flavouring

Then the sun shines
And all is forgiven
It’s a wonderful thing
Even like heaven

The Little Boat


The little boat wanders
Across the seas
Following the current
And the breeze

Basking in the glory
Of the morning sun
Signalling to all
A new day has come

Pure white horses
Jump and bray
And dark clouds
Come to stay

The little boat
Hunkers down
Making sure
It wont drown

The sea becomes calm
The sky goes blue
The little boat
Knows what to do

Tighten the jib
Pull in the mainsail
Face the wind
It’s no snail

Exploring the oceans
Far and wide
Taking a rest
On the evening tide

The little boat
Goes where it pleases
Taking it’s time
On evening breezes

Covid-19 ( A Scottish Viewpoint)

Corony virus
That’s what it is
Cleared the streets
And kill’t the biz

Social distanc’n
That’s what we do
Two feet apart
And that means you

Am staying safe
Am in ma hoose
Enough to make
Ma screw loose

Wi charts and graphs
Flying roond and roond
I’ve decided ti turn
The volume doon

And ma hair
It just keeps gro’in
I’ll disappear
If this keeps go’in

I’ve just heard
It comes in waves
I’ve tellt the queen
So she behaves

And when it’s o’er
Another skint time
Same as before
That same old rhyme


My Garden


A ray of sunshine
Lit these leaves
Showing their detail
Like miniature trees

Many shades
Of red and green
And lots of colours
In between

A different world
Exists down there
Where insects rule
And plants beware

A spider spins
A silky trap
Waiting on prey
It can zap

Slugs and snails
Race round about
Eating leaves
And chutes that sprout

Diving beetles
Lurk in the pond
Where fish eggs
Have just been spawned

Small birds
Come to the feeder
Using the pond
Too get cleaner

I sit in the sun
And watch the world
Amazed by the changes
And how they unfurled

A Sparrowhawk Came Visiting

A sparrowhawk
Came visiting today
But I’m sure
It took something away

Beautiful orange brown chest
With blue grey back
It stood in my garden
Having a snack

Not sure what it had
Pinned to the ground
But it was small
And not making a sound

I reached for my camera
But it was gone
The bird had flown
Time to move on

That Place

There’s a place
Where everyone goes
But where it is
Nobody knows

Do we meet
Long lost friends
Tying up
Those dangling ends

Some say yes
Some say no
We wont find out
Until we go

For the rich
Who lived well
Is it heaven
Or is it hell

Does belief
Make a difference
Just in case
State your preference

How to get there
Some choose dust
Others choose a box
That doesn’t rust

Ornate structures
Mark the spot
In a graveyard
That’s their plot

The time will come
For those who scoff
Their clock will stop
And they’ll be off