Facing west

On this hill I was born
And to the west I face
I’ve seen many changes
With ever increasing pace

Man growing his towns
Turning forests to ash
Cultivating cities
With a sprinkling of cash

High above the ground
Leaving trails in the sky
With mechanical birds
Proclaiming he can fly

Natures natural divides
Joined with steel
His technology conquers all
But it cannot feel

Out on the Forth
Endlessly flowing
Ships of different sizes
Coming and going

To unknown places
Laden with cargo
What changes they make
I will never know

I am but a rock
On a hill near you
Watching your world
Seeing what you do


Words, just words

Share your story here
Share it with some cheer

Let everyone draw near
Speak out and make it clear

Words just words are what you need
For your narrative to succeed

So take a deep breath and lets begin
Speak from your heart and don’t give in

The happiest seal there ever has been

Imagine you are a seal
Now that is surreal

You would live in the sea
That is where you would be

Catching fish all day
Your favourite prey

Braving the cold
As you got old

Teaching your pup
How to grow up

From long hot days on a sunny beach
To stormy cold nights on a rock out of reach

You would be the seal to be seen
The happiest seal there ever has been