A group of buildings
That people know
Built in Edinburgh
150 years ago

Where lives are changed
In lots of ways
Some take weeks
Others take days

No age is a problem
For what’s done here
From the very young
To the old and dear

Buildings have changed
As time went by
Advances in medicine
New treatments to try

A living hospital
Full of care
For the people
Who go there



Such wonders
Attached to our feet
In a row
Looking so neat

One big
Four small
Nature’s design
To stand tall

Each one unique
To everyone
Used to walk
Used to run

When swimming
They play a role
Spreading out
Extending the sole

Take care
Of your toes
Without them
Nothing goes

The Three Painters

There were three
All busily
Looking out to sea

Brush in hand
Measuring the view
Checking the lines
Deciding what to do

A cool breeze
Blew from behind
But no sunshine
Did they find

Textures and form
Lines and colour
The language of art
Is like no other

On the canvas
The paint flows
Slowly in bits
The picture shows

A stroke here
A dab there
The shapes develop
Out of thin air

After some time
When the work is done
It’s time for lunch
And out comes the sun

The Odd Sock

A pile of washing
With an odd sock
It’s not funny
So don’t mock

To a scientist
It’s a singularity
Which creates
Some hilarity

Was it political
Did they fight
Was one left
And the other right

Can’t be religion
Neither was holy
Together they lived
Never showily

A single sock
Needing a soulmate
Where to find it
Perhaps a date

All alone
On a washing line
Hangs its partner
In warm sunshine

Being odd
Is no fun
So i’ll unite them
In the sun

Now is the time

In my garden
I saw a bee today
Moving flower to flower
In the usual way

Saw one yesterday
Up in the sky
Slow and fast
That’s how they fly

My resident woodpigeon
Has a mate
They’ve disappeared now
Out on a date

Light lingers longer
Into the night
Soon our evenings
Will be bright

Flowers are opening
A new year has begun
Beautiful colour
I hope it will be fun

So now is the time
New life is emerging
Open your eyes
And let your heart sing