Little Black Dog

Covered in fur
With a wet nose
What is she thinking
Nobody knows

Stands at the door
Waits on it opening
Looks through the window
The tram is slowing

Now we have stopped
She’s on her toes
The door opens
Off she goes

Her owner follows
No looking back
She is free
Crossing the track


Now you know

At times
In your life
You’ll have troubles
And strife

You look around
Searching for answers
Sorting out
What really matters

But is there
An oasis
Full of soothing
And embraces

A place
To ease the pain
A place
You want to remain

Then look
Inside your heart
That’s the place
To start

Is it weak
And looking unhappy
Then it’s time
To make it snappy

Build it up
With lots of love
Make it smile
Give gloom a shove

With a happy heart
Your life will renew
Now you know
Just what to do


To some
Is being
Number one

Top of the class
The academic way
To always pass
And have your say

A marvellous chef
A cut above the rest
Satisfying hunger
Using only the best

An interesting person
Full of knowledge
Having answers to questions
With no shortage

A spiritual leader
An enlightened way
With ritual singing
To end the day

Wealth and distinction
Power and glory
A combination
Of a great life story

But for me
It’s was sharing my life
My wife

Their finest hour

A plan was hatched
By a devious mind
Davros his name
Of an evil kind

He sent his children
On a mission
To conquer the universe
With no submission

But all great plans
Have a flaw
It was one
He never saw

Destructive machines
With great power
The Daleks began
Their finest hour

But unable
To climb a stair
They could only
Stand and glare

His great plan
Had an Achilles heel
The foot is mightier
Than the wheel


Waiting patiently
On a bus
Looking eagerly
But not in a rush

Take out my phone
Look at my app
It’s almost here
No need to flap

All of a sudden
A bus comes in view
Hope it’s mine
I know it’s due

Check the number
It’s the one
Queue gets ready
This is fun

The bus stops
In front of me
I’m on first
Full of glee

Use my pass
Wait on bleep
Now its time
To find a seat

Head to the back
Sit down
Now we’re heading
Into town

Watching people
Join and leave
Through the traffic
The bus does weave

My stop next
The button’s pressed
Bus slows down
I’m impressed

Say goodbye
To our driver
Leave the bus
Now an outsider

Edinburgh busses
Like the tram
Avoid the stresses
Of the traffic jam


Was a helfty lad
Not much smile
But a heart full of glad

He loved his place
Away from it all
It’s where he stood
Erect and tall

For hours on end
He’d stand and stare
Across the hills
With no one there

Then one day
Somewhere quite shady
Appeared another
It was a lady

His eyes followed
With some ardour
The new comer
In his palour

All of a sudden
She did stop
Gave him a look
And his jaw did drop

Their eyes met
It was heart to heart
From that day forth
Never to part

Now shoulder to shoulder
They stand together
Hamish and Doris
United forever