Whales come in many sizes

Whales come in many sizes
And each has its own surprises

Diving deep into the sea
To places we never see

Communicating using sound
But still difficult to be found

Some driven to the edge of extinction
By greed and conscious dereliction

How can we claim to be that special
When the world we rule is so commercial

At what cost do we lose such species
Whales shouldn’t be treated like sweeties


The little boat could live on

A monster reared up from the deep
Towards the sky in one giant leap

The captain’s gaze transfixed ahead
His face frozen in a look of dread

Suddenly a bell rang in alarm
And the crew scurried away from harm

The monster reached out to the boat
Pulled downwards it struggled to float

But then dragged up the monster’s face
And that’s when the captain entered the race

‘Full ahead’ he cried with all his might
The engines answered out of fright

The battle between man and monster begun
Who would win when all was done

The captain held firm on course
But the monster rose in force

But then a light shone from afar
So bright it was like a star

The captains heart began to beat
Had he won or was it defeat

The monster gave one more growl
But the captains face did scowl

‘Come on girl’ shouted the captain and crew
And the boat knew what to do

Suddenly the monster was gone
And the little boat could live on

That’s the land of the daydream

Some read books to pass the time
Romance, comedy or even crime

Others play games of a digital nature
Where strategy is a common feature

Yet others watch films on the big screen
Where science fiction is a common theme

But me I’m lost in another space
An infinitely imaginable virtual place

A land where no one has ever been
That’s the land of the daydream

Will physics rule the day

It’s a complex world we all inhabit
From a ferocious lion to a timid rabbit

An enormous repository of biodiversity
It’s all on show in life’s university

With a thread of RNA in place
We join the human race

Where luck is the key to life’s success
Though others may not profess

But is that all there is to existence
A multidimensional coexistence

Could we find in quantum probability
The answer to long term survivability

With existentialism blown away
Will physics rule the day

The Box

Martin Daringer looked deep into the dark cave. The odour of bats permeated the air. He knew that the cave would be full of dangerous insects, spiders and probably rats. He hadn’t told anyone where he was going but even if he had it would take days to find him in the cave. Having spent the past twenty years searching for the box he wasn’t going to worry about that now. He was here for a box that had come from Egypt and was said to contain a finger. Not just any finger but the finger of Tutankhamen an Egyptian Pharaoh. Better not waste any more time, he thought to himself as he began to descended into the cave being careful of the jagged rocks that were all around him. In his hand was a small torch that he had bought while he was at scout camp many years previous. It was not very bright but it did the job.

He continued his descent bending and crawling through the small gaps in the rocks. Grabbing onto edges hoping that his hands wouldn’t land on something nasty. The stench of bats got worse. The caves walls oozed water which was slowly seeping into his clothes but he would not stop. He had waited a long time for this and a bit of water wasn’t going to stop him now. Eventually he came to a large cavern. He was almost overpowered with the smell of bat droppings. He reached into his left trouser pocket, pulled out a cloth and covered his nose and mouth. Thieves had stolen the box intending to sell it in the markets of Morocco but were pursued by Egyptian police. The thieves were killed by the police in a shoot-out but no box was ever found. Nobody knew what had happened to the box or finger. Martin was sure they had hidden the box in this cave. He had figured out every possible route they could have taken and checked every location and this was the only one left.

They would have to mark the location of the box, he thought to himself. He just did not know how. He pointed his torch into the dark cavern and begun to move it back and forth looking for something unusual. As it moved he just caught sight of a glimmer of light reflecting back from the other side of the cave. He pointed the torch directly at the reflection. Could that be it. His heart began to pound. Martin looked for a way to get to the source of the reflection. The pile of bats droppings was directly in his path. If he could get over that he would be able to find out what it was. He had no option but to trudge through it and hope it was not too deep. He put his right foot over where the pile started and slowly lowered it into the disgusting mess. It was okay. The pile only reached his ankle of his boot. He did not know if it was deeper where he was going but it didn’t really matter.

A pile of pooh is nothing after 20 years of searching. He continued to place his feet one in front of the other as he slowly moved towards the source of the reflection. In the middle, the pile reached his waist but that did not stop him. Eventually he got to the other side. What greeted him was a small dagger stuck into the ground. The dagger handle was covered with jewels which were the source of the reflection. His heart began to pound again. He cleared away the mess that surrounded the dagger with his hands. Just above the dagger was a small hole in the rock. In the hole he could see the corner of a wooden box. His heart began to beat faster but he kept his nerve. His hand reached out and pushed his fingers into the gap between the wooden box and the rock. Slowly he pulled the box out of the hole. The wooden box was old and rotten but looked as if was still protecting what was inside. He reached into his pocket and brought out his knife.

The box had a metal catch but it was flimsy and easy to snap. Martin put the blade between the box and the catch and twisted. The catch broke off and the lid fell open. He was startled at what he saw inside. A velvet cloth with gold wires surrounding it. Martin could not move. He just stared for a while. He was about to take it out of the box when something caught his eye just to the left of the cloth. It was white. His curiosity was aroused. He decided to find out what it was. Using his finger he dislodge it but he used too much pressure and it jumped out onto the floor of the cave. Martin put the box down and leaned over to look for it. After feeling around he found it. It looked like an old piece of papyrus. He gently picked it up and looked very carefully at it. There were some markings on it. He could not make out what they were. He put on his spectacles and peered at the marks. The marks looked like some letters or symbols. Bringing the torch right up to the paper he began to decipher the marks. Martin began to read out loud “McDonalds thanks you for your custom. Have a nice day”

The beautiful Loch called Faskally

In this dreich time of year
When spirits are low in cheer

The sun hardly makes a show
And the land is covered in snow

Leaves lye dying on the ground
Until another year comes around

The stillness of cold air
Reveals trees stripped bare

A wonderful place photographically
The beautiful Loch called Faskally